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Unique Learning & development programmes tailored to you

We offer a partnership approach to design in-house, tailor-made Learning & Development courses that are bespoke to your business. We can work with your training & learning and development teams in a number of ways; to help shape the scope of the training with the project sponsors and key stakeholders – right down to the final details.

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Leadership Training

At The Tess Group we can offer you an astounding variety of excellent award-winning training that is made to turn your people into the leaders they were meant to be. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out what we can teach.

Sales Solutions

Your sales department are the people that grow your business and with our L&D Sales Solution you can be sure that your team is at the forefront of the business – we transform your people into the ambassadors you always dreamed they’d become with fresh, unique and forward thinking sales training. Our innovative Sales Solution can be tailored to whatever level of sales you require and weaves in the psychology behind buying, and the buyer’s cycle.

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Customer engagement & experience solutions

With the bespoke customer service qualifications we can offer, you can ensure your team is cool, calm and collected in any situation; we will develop your people and find out exactly the kind of team member they are and how they can turn any situation into a win for your business. Want to develop your people’s customer service skills?

Mindset & Wellbeing

At The Tess Group we have our very own team of specialist NLP practitioners, which means that we are at the forefront of the employee wellbeing and wellbeing in the workplace conversation; all of our training is at the highest standard and we take special care to ensure that your people are aware of everything that is relevant in your industry. The training we provide gives those in your organisation the skills and understanding to make well-being a reality – our course content reflects the fact that lasting change has to come from within.


HR Services

We have a proven track record of delivering pragmatic, commercially sound HR solutions that drive necessary change and improve people performance. We have an analytical & a professionally skilled team in tracking and using HR statistics to identify and minimise risk, and opportunities to drive a business forward.

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