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Yesterday (Monday 15th of November 2021), one of our most experienced trainers Andy Woodhall, presented a course called the Hospitality Supervisor Level 3. At the beginning of the session, Andy spent five minutes providing the attending learners with the opportunity to go over what it was specifically that they wanted to learn and achieve from the training session. This tells you that the training we provide is personal, caters to your specific requirements, and shows the care and passion that we feel towards all our learners.  Andy consistently questions the learners to engage and involve them, and most importantly to make them think about the real-life choices that a real team leader must make. Through using his authority, the learners can guarantee that he is qualified to improve and make them confident on the subject. An example of this is the following: Andy provided some first-hand experiences where he had to overcome many of the common issues that a team leader must make.

Training with us here at The Tess Group is all about ensuring that you learn and progress in the field that you truly aspire to become involved in. Our range of excellent trainers will provide you with the opportunity to focus on the true gaps in your knowledge and ensure that you learn and understand what is of most importance to you.

He did this by providing them with detailed stories along with the feelings that were felt, and the solutions needed to solve the issue. Towards the end of the training session, Andy asked the learners if they have also experienced anything similar to what he explained, and the learners admitted that they had. This really shows the extreme importance of making the learners understand how common the issues of team leading really are.

Also, Andy provided the learners with knowledge on how the human mind works. This is immensely important in understanding the behavior that is shown by employees and employers. Understanding this will make an immense difference in improving your organization and keeping up an equal balance between everyone that works for the company. On the same subject, Andy also covered how Humans react on instinct and how our emotional reactions can affect the way in which we work. There are two types of emotional reactions: Rational and Irrational. Andy provided a detailed explanation of how this can positively and/or negatively affect our emotions and actions in everyday life. It is of great importance to understand which emotional reaction is being used to ensure that the emotions and actions being made are rational.  

A similar topic explained by Andy is the PitchFork Effect. The PitchFork effect plays a role in how the manager can build negative emotions towards an employee. This can then result in the manager having a set negative mindset towards the person in question, and having the opinion that they are performing negatively when in reality, they could be performing in the complete opposite way.  



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Towards the end of the training session, Andy provided a quiz for the learners to undertake. The learners were tested on their current knowledge of human behavior, and then Andy covers and explains the meaning behind all of the correct answers. This engages with the learners and improves their knowledge of what a good leader is and should be.

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