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Signs of a new era


Something exciting has happened this month at the Tess Head Office…

We are delighted to unveil some brand new signage at our head office, showing our bright and colourful logo off to the world.

Please get in touch for any Learning or Development needs on [email protected]. We would be delighted to help. 

Popular courses include:

Level 3 Team Leader Supervisor Apprenticeship

Level 5 Coaching Professional Apprenticeship

Level 4 Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship

See full list below…

  • Level 3 Team Leader & Supervisor

  • Level 5 Operations Departmental Manager

  • Level 7 ILM Senior Leader

  • Level 4 Associate Project Manager

  • Level 3 Learning Mentor

  • Level 4 Assessor Coach

  • Level 5 Coaching Professional

  • Level 3 Improvement Technician

  • Level 4 Improvement Practitioner

  • Level 5 Improvement Specialist

  • Level 6 Improvement Leader

  • Level 3 Digital Marketer

  • Level 3 Content Creator

  • Level 4 Digital Community Manager

  • Level 3 HR Support

  • Level 5 L&D Consultant Business Partner

  • Level 7 Senior People Professional (HR & L&D)

  • Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner

  • Level 3 Customer Service Specialist

  • Level 3 Business Administrator

  • Level 3 Cultural Learning Participation Officer

Why Choose Us?

We aren’t a massive fan of the expression ‘one stop shop’ but it does get across the point that we can deliver to all parts and all areas of your business! Thus saving you time, effort and money.

No tick boxes in sight! We actually train, coach and develop the people. We can even deliver modules remotely for anyone on the move. We use the best quality partners from BKSB to Onefile to help us pinpoint and differentiate our learning for each person. Learners can work on Smartphones, IPads, Laptops plus Employers can log in and check learner’s progress.

Did we point out we deliver world-class training and development? This is why most levy payers are interested in us as we can complement and connect the levy to the business need and help demonstrate and show real ROI.

If you have people development needs, get in touch today. 

Can We Help?

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Signs of a new era

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