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Driving The Customer Experience… Suzuka Circuit has something for everyone

Welcome to Suzuka Circuit, the beating heart of motorsport passion, in Japan.


The Suzuka Circuit can be found in the scenic landscapes of Mie Prefecture, this legendary track is more than just a venue for racing; it’s a cultural icon, for enthusiasts worldwide diving into the vibrant atmosphere and unique environment that makes Suzuka a circuit like no other.  The circuit itself shares its home with a mini theme park for everyone to enjoy; a Ferris wheel overlooks the circuit for fans to get a birds eye view of the course.

From the elegant curves of the main grandstand to every corner of the track, the entire circuit brings a sense of aesthetic harmony.  Each corner, each chicane (a tight sequence of corners in alternate directions), is a testament to the engineering expertise at Suzuka, pushing drivers to their limits of speed and skill.

When you visit Suzuka Circuit, be sure to find time in the day to sample the Japanese style street food that lines the route to the stands. There’s something for everyone though, from American burgers, to German hot dogs and my favourite, warm hearty bowls of ramen! It’s clear that this iconic venue is a bucket list spot for motorsport/F1 enthusiasts. As an historical significance in motorsport, Suzuka is a safe, controlled and joyous environment.

As an F1 enthusiast myself, the thrill of seeing the cars whirl past with so much speed and hearing their engines roar as they battle for P1, was an experience like no other. The level of customer service provided was noticed immediately as we approached the perimeter of the venue. Orderly queues and eager fans waiting in turn, everyone at the circuit greeted us with a smile. When you go through the entrance you are instantly rewarded with the juxtaposition of the clunk of industrial metal rides and the Ferris wheel behind a foreground of beautiful Sakura Blossoms. And if you’re there with the hopes of getting some merchandise from your favourite team, there are plenty of tents and shops where you can find hats, towels, blankets, tops etc as well as goods from the actual circuit itself (I love a good sticker for my suitcase!) If you’re there for the cars, as soon as you enter there’s a model F1 car for you to get up close to and snap a few photos.

The safety of spectators at Formula 1 events in Japan is a top priority, with a lot of planning and preparation of complete measures to ensure the well-being of all attendees. At Suzuka, the safety of everyone onsite and their protection is at the forefront of planning, alongside that enjoyment factor! This is implemented by strict crowd control techniques to prevent overcrowding, in addition there are lots of trained employees throughout the venue helping you to locate anything from your seats to nearby facilities. Emergency response teams are prepared with facilities and tents, on standby to deal with any medical emergencies or accidents promptly. Hosted for the first time ever, this year, in April, event organisers had taken in to account the start of the warm season, with plenty of shaded areas for people to rest when the sun really came out. Overall, spectator safety at F1 events in Japan is a team effort involving the Suzuka Circuit control, local authorities, and the Formula 1 organisation, making sure that enthusiasts and newcommers alike can experience the fun of racing in a stable, safe, and welcoming atmosphere.

With The Tess Group working within the F1 arena for a number of years now, helping the customer service skills of racemakers at Silverstone for example, it was an honour to attend one of these events first hand to witness how all of the elements come together to make the day a real success for everyone in attendance!

Driving The Customer Experience… Suzuka Circuit has something for everyone

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    1. Thanks for your comment, that’s exactly what we were hoping for, to inform our audience. 😊

  1. This was a really interesting take on an F1 event. Usually its all about the celebrity spotting and the drivers themselves, but to see it from the point of view of a spectator and the user experience is really refreshing and makes it the event feel more accessible to the reader!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s more about the experience than who was there for us!

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